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Opinion-editorial: Heeltote.com on Valentine's Day 2015: #ShowUsSomeLove @heeltote

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WHAT: Heeltote.com on Valentine's Day 2015: #ShowUsSomeLove @heeltote

WHEN: February 14, 2015

WHERE: In Your Heart

It's February 14 Valentine's Day where many express their love for others through flowers, chocloate and greetings.   Take our poll on Twitter:  Tell us what you did this Valentine's Day - be clear, no shades this time.  Go to @heeltote on Twitter and take our Valentine's Day poll.  You don't have to make your response flowery.

"Heeltote.com always wants to know what is in our visitor's hearts.

In fact, this year many are celebrating Valentine's weekend...

#ShowUsSomeLove @heeltote anytime.”

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be only one day.  Heeltote.com always wants to know what is in our visitor's hearts. In fact, this year many are celebrating Valentine's weekend.  #ShowUsSomeLove @heeltote anytime.  Tell heeltote.com: What you look forward to?  What inspires youWhat gives you a positive emotion?   You've heard the weather, the next few days are expected to be very cold.  Remember how we  give you general styling advice for challenging weather conditions and we did not leave you out in the cold with our Marsala Selection.  Consider helping us keep warm during this winter blast by donating to support our activities?  Or Read about us here and #ShowUsSomeLove by becoming a 2015 sponsor today!  

Our Valentine's Day greetings to you:

Dear visitor,
Please find and take our Valentine's Day Poll @heeltote on Twitter (Follow us):
Answer: What did you send or receive on Valentine's Day?

Include flowers, chocolate, or greetings in your reply.  You can mention your country. 
If you've received then retweet.
If you've sent then favorite.

Or strip the poll and just say hey, include #ShowUsSomeLove @heeltote
Your replies may be added to this page.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Visit Heeltote.com Valentine Selections for items you are sure to adore or Shop Valentine 14 Items on our Twitter feed @heeltote.  We want to know what love is to you @heeltote.  And we want you to #ShowUsSomeLove #heeltote

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