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WHAT: Lauren Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 Fashion Show

WHEN: March 12, 2013 at 6:00PM

WHERE: Hearst Building on 57th Street in NYC


I am excited to have attended the very first live Lauren Ralph Lauren Fashion Show by one of America’s most iconic fashion houses Ralph Lauren and I am glad you are here to read about it, so sit tight because what you’re going to get a glimpse of here is, and I can’t say this enough, the very first live Lauren Ralph Lauren fashion show -- as experienced by   To read our highlights, click here for ‘Heeltote Highlights'.

And this was a trifecta of firsts:

1.       The first live Lauren Ralph Lauren Fashion Show.

2.       The first runway show held in the Hearst Building.

3.       The first fashion show review by

Come with me front row and center as we launch our coverage of The Lauren Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 Fashion Show as the collection launches online elsewhere on March 28, 2013 at and 

The weather forecast was for rain all day and I was wondering what to wear.  I automatically thought a pair of heels would work, but this is the hustle and bustle of NYC and the up and down of subway staircases at rush hour that I would be contending with.  So what do you think I did? 

As any model/ blogger in NYC would do I put my heels in my tote, firmed my upper lip and marched on.  I marched on in Lauren Ralph Lauren rain boots from their Fall 2012 collection and I plan to wear those boots for many seasons to come.  To my delight, as a guest of the show, I was given the chance to shop Spring 2013 looks from the runway immediately after.

“My experience at the first Lauren Ralph Lauren live fashion show

and with its staff has inspired me to pump up – pun intended –’s development.” 

The event was held at the Hearst Tower at 300 West 57th Street, the first LEED Gold rated commercially occupied building in New York City that later was upgraded, for existing buildings, to LEED Platinum.  The banquet room where the show was held has rooms with three floor high windows overlooking the NYC skyline.  There was a strong aroma from small bouquets of fresh white flowers on top of the white tablecloth covered cocktail tables. 

Green banana leaves adorned the entrance of the runway giving the venue a tropical feel.  The sand colored carpet on the runway complimented the mood.  The runway was raised about nine inches off the floor.  Only two rows of black chairs with white cushions fit on each side of runway.  It was easy to access our seats. 

Nina Garcia, Creative Director at Marie Claire, mentioned in her opening remarks that this is the first runway show in this building.  After her brief opening remarks the show began.

Click here for video of this event. 

Heeltote Highlights


Here are Heeltote Highlights of what was on the runway:

Lighting:  As spotlights were turned on the day was transformed from a rainy evening into a sunny day filled with bright and hot light.  

Music: The show continued over three songs.  The first song, “One Drop” by Plumb, contained lyrics about the sun and sea that go along with the bright colors and nautical style of collection.  The second song’s, “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey, lyrics began with “blue jeans, white shirt” while a model entered the runway wearing just that.  The third song, “Ring a Bell” by Late Night Alumni, began at the transition to evening dresses.

Models:  A diverse group of models were on the runway, from different ethnicities to sizes.  Their new plus-sized model, the tallest there, stood out for fitting in with the other models, showing how the Lauren Ralph Lauren style suits its various shoppers.

Hair: The hair was easy flowing and sometimes adorned with scarves and hats.

Makeup: The makeup was natural and Spring themed.

Collection:  The collection included patterns such as ikat, paisley, and seaside stripes on materials of cotton, linen and silk.  The main colors used were vivid hues, khaki, and white. There were 38 looks in the collection, and so much to be excited about, but we narrowed it down to five looks under this section.  Following each of our descriptions we invite your feedback about the look.


 Look 2 at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Look 2


1.      For this look you roll up your sleeves, tie your ‘white cotton broadcloth shirt’ at the waist, and pop your collar to shield your neck from the sun and for attitude.  Couple this shirt with the bright ‘floral multi sateen modern skinny pant’ and accessories for a look that can take you from your city office to lunch in your favorite seaside town.  We like the bold pattern on the bottom as opposed to the top which is more commonly seen.  Send us your feedback about this look. [Look 2]


Look 6 at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Look 6


2.      Blazers do not have to be boring and this ‘tan linen herringbone hacking jacket’, certainly is not.  For this color block trend.  The colors of the ‘lime combed cotton rayon cable sweater’ and the ‘dark coral cotton nylon poplin jodhpur’, are pulled together in the paisley scarf.  The slim metallic gold belt makes the transition from lime to coral even more alluring.  We like the buttons at the base of the pant not only for their look but also their suggestion of the ease in which the wearer can get in and out of the pant.  Send us your feedback about this look. [Look 6]


Look 13 at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Look 13


3.       This ‘aegean blue linen pointelle sleeveless dress’ is essentially a slip with a lace shell.  Because the slip is shorter and cut lower at the neck than the shell, the combination draws your attention to the leg and neck, allowing the wearer to show some skin, while maintaining the illusion of a longer length of coverage.  The gold necklaces focus your attention on the neck.  Send us your feedback about this look. [Look 13]


Look 32 at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Look 32


4.      This ankle length ‘orchid matte jersey vneck dress’ gathers at the waist, almost as a wrap dress, and flows down from the hip drawing attention to the long leg.  This dress is for a wearer who wants a dress in a vibrant, solid color, with lots of movement.  There is enough fabric for the dress to cover the wearer without much leg skin showing.  Send us your feedback about this look. [Look 32]



Look 38 at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Look 38


5.      This ‘green georgette strapless dress with ruffle detail’ has a sweetheart neckline allowing for a display of jewelry.  The simple necklace goes well with this vibrant, solid colored, dress.  Multiple folds take the viewer’s eye across the body from the right shoulder to the left hip, and then ruffles flowing from the hip down accentuate the leg.  The fabric and fit allows the viewer to see up to the knee on this ankle length dress putting the shoe on display.  Both ruffles and green are a current trend.  Send us your feedback about this look. [Look 38]


Following the show, a staff member invited us to the after party in another room to chat about the Lauren Ralph Lauren experience, and this is just want I wanted to do.  On our way to another room with a view we noticed the display of accessories from the Spring 2013 collection with possible future totes:


Display at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Possible Future Totes


Click here for video of this event. 


Hire Heeltote


We hope we have readied you for your Spring 2013 shopping.  Writing/blogging event reviews such as this is one of our services offered.  Other services we offer are online shopping and styling advice and modeling.  At times we offer our services voluntarily and this demonstrates our leadership ability since many of those times we don't even have to be asked.  Contact us about our services offered here. 

Click here for video of this event. 


Heeltote Hopefuls


We are into fashion and getting dressed and would like to continue the production of Heeltote.  Here are our 'Heeltote Hopefuls' which are looks we would like to buy now.  Make a donation to help make this possible. 

Three looks we would like to buy now:

 Look 1 at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Look 1


We like the asymmetrical way the ‘white combed cotton mesh poncho’ fits allowing the bikini bottom to peek out combined with the matching scarf to keep the wearer’s hair neat after a swim.  Donate to help buy us this outfit.  [Look 1]


Look 10 at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Look 10


We like the ‘turquoise suede moto jacket’ paired with the ‘white stretch denim slim jean’ and ‘garden lime silk long sleeve workshirt’ inviting us to work all day in this refreshing look.  Donate to help buy us this outfit. [Look 10]


Look 14 at LRL Spring                    2013 «

Look 14


We like the way this ‘blue multi jersey paisley print halter maxi dress’ looks effortlessly chic.  The wearer looks so ethereal that the dress pairs well with the scarf and chunky jewelry which helps the wearer appear down to earth.  This look proves paisley is not just for your dad’s tie.  Donate to help buy us this outfit. [Look 14]

My experience at the first Lauren Ralph Lauren live fashion show and with its staff has inspired me to pump up – pun intended –’s development.  Again, I am grateful to have attended this historic event, the very first live Lauren Ralph Lauren fashion show, from the iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren.  Also, this was the very first runway show in the Hearst Building, and this is the first fashion show review for  Thank you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review.  Send us your feedback on our review of the first live Lauren Ralph Lauren Fashion Show event.  Invite to your next event whether big or small.  The views expressed here are those of 

Click here for video of this event. 


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